The different mode of action of a natural product, in contrast to the chemical medication, may require an individual dosage adjustment to achieve the best results with LTO3. In the following, you will find the recommendations on how to find the best dosage:

  • It is recommended to start with the basic dosage and keep it for about 10 days. The body can adjust itself well to LTO3. If the desired effects do not show up, the dosage should be increased by one capsule per day. Each new dose should be maintained for one week to assess the effect.


  • In some cases, a weekly adjustment is required to achieve the optimal dosage. This can take up to 6-8 weeks. Experience has shown that growth- and developmental-phases in the children’s development often lead to necessary adjustments of the dosage by increasing or lowering it. This is significantly less the case for adults. Often 1 capsule more or less makes a noticeable difference.


  • If the effects of LTO3 decrease during the day, an additional dose may be taken before lunch and / or around 17.00 hrs.


  • For many adults, the most effective dosage is 3 capsules LTO3 in the morning and 2 capsules around 17.00 hrs.


  • In severe cases, it is advisable to take a higher dose and / or an additional dose. This is absolutely safe as there have never been cases of overdose. Experience shows that one’s own feelings and intuition are good guides to find the right dose.