LTO3 – the natural and safe choice without side effects and interactions!

Dosage and intake

Important: The dosage depends on the age, weight, severity of symptoms / signs, sensitivity to LTO3, and may therefore vary considerably from person to person. It is advisable to evaluate dosage over time and adjust if necessary.

The adjustment process is similar to how doctors do this with prescription medications: by varying the dosage until the right dose is found.

LTO3 can also be used together with medicines.

Experience has shown that growth- and developmental-phases in the children’s development often lead to necessary adjustments of the dosage by increasing or lowering it. This is significantly less the case for adults. Often 1 capsule more or less makes a noticeable difference.


It is best to take LTO3 and LTO3 No Taste at least 10 minutes before breakfast in the morning on an empty stomach. The same time interval should also be observed before another dose in the late afternoon to achieve the optimum effect.

While LTO3 capsules are simply swallowed with some fluid, LTO3 No Taste has been specially developed for children and adults who have problems with swallowing capsules. These may stir the content of the LTO3 No Taste capsules in some liquid or similar.


In 75% of the cases, the users notice effects within the first 10 days. In about 20% of the cases it can take up to 8 weeks. This is individually very different. In very rare cases, no improvement can be achieved with LTO3.

LTO3 works differently than e.g. chemical preparations. The patience is worthwhile, since LTO3 is 100% natural and since 2004 no side effects have become known. Give the body some time to adjust to LTO3.

LTO3 usually works within 40 minutes and then for 8-12 hours.