LTO3 and sugars

Avoid taking LTO3 (as well as LTO3 No Taste) with products to which (refined, white) sugar is added and avoid these products for up to one hour after taking. These products can hinder the uptake of LTO3 by the added sugar. Natural sugars such as fruit (juice), honey or sugar-free syrups are more suitable.

LTO3 and cow’s milk products

Also avoid taking with cow’s milk products. These leave a fat film in the gastrointestinal tract, which can hinder the absorption of the active ingredients. Of course, these can be consumed for breakfast, but at the earliest 10 minutes after taking LTO3.

Difficulty swallowing the capsules?

LTO3 No Taste was specially developed for this purpose. You can simply open the capsules and stir the contents in some liquid or sugar-free apple sauce, crushed banana, pureed strawberries or the like.
Please note: Due to the innovative microencapsulation method used, the contents of the capsules do not completely dissolve to avoid a fishy taste. It remains partly as a very fine taste-neutral granulate.


You can make up a forgotten dose at any time of the day. Please note that the effect may be slightly lower because the dose is not taken on an empty stomach. You may then consider taking a capsule in addition or, if you find the forgotten intake during the morning, wait with the intake until about 10 minutes before lunch.